Friday, April 22, 2011

Sikhs-Are we following our Guru?

Last week afternoon I stepped in a local bar to have few shots of Vodka.It was a calm and peaceful atmosphere.I sat on the sofa and ordered ice and soda.Adjacent to me another Sardarji was sitting.To my surprise he put a cigrette in his mouth,lit it with lighter and started puffing.It was a big shock to me, as we sardars are far far away from tobacco and its related products.
    Its a common sight to see Sikh people drinking in Bars,Pubs and their respective homes.But the real question is ‘Is alcohol also not prohibted in our religion’?? Are we really following the guidelines issued by our beloved Guru Gobind Singh ji.Guruji has made Sikhs as a brave martial community, always ready to sacrify their lives for others.Go to the history and see the sacrifices of Sikhs ‘Bhai Taru singh ji,Subeg Singh,Banda Bahadur and many many more.The list is endless.
 But the modern day Sikhs(majority ones) are themselves drowned in the well of alcohol,drugs.They are not able to support themselves,What will they do for others.Majority of sikhs nowdays are cutting their hairs,Shaving their beards,losing the precious identity given by the Guru.The big question is ‘Is it for this day,several Sikhs have sacrified their lives’?
   One of my old friend who hails from Nanded,Maharashtra visited me.He was very much shocked to see the condition of Sikhs here.He was surprised to see fathers in full beard and turban,while their children totally cleanshaven.He said ‘When the question of cigrette comes, every sardar says that it is prohibted in our religion,but I am searching for that Granth which says a sikh is allowed to have alcohlol.’
    The question arises ‘Have we really forgot(including myself)  What our Gurus have taught us?Are we setting that example which our forefathers have set in their lives?  Few days back I visited ISKCON temple at Vrindaban.The security officer while checking me said that there is no need to check a sardar,they are far far away from tobacco,cigrette.Belive me, I was feeling proud of being a Sikh.
 Its a high time for Sikhs to look upon themselves,Where are we going??Time to rethink about the Principles of our Guru. as Guruji has said,
       “Rehat Pyari Moh ko,   Sikh Pyara naa Hein,
          Rehni Rahey Soi Sikh Mera, Ohi sahib main Uska Chera”
    Guru Fateh,
     Ishtdeep Singh